This class is for our intermediate 8 Plus year olds who pass out of our beginner Starfish classes. A LOT of skills must be mastered to pass out of this class. As an introduction to strokes, the focus is on independence and breath control in the water while extending the swim distance and developing the coordination to gain independent breaths while swimming.

This is followed by proper breath control techniques as these students move into building endurance. Technical breakdown of the freestyle stroke also begins at this level.

  • Prerequisite: Swim 3-5 meters Doggy Paddle with no floatation, blow bubbles, perform a comfortable streamline pencil manoeuvre and back-float
  • Final Goals: Swims 10 meters with no floatation, face in the water for a 10 count, comfortable rolling to a back-float and can swim basic Freestyle and Backstroke.

Note: We don't have a big demand for this class as many 8+ Year old children have passed this stage. If you feel that your child would fit best into this class please add them to the waiting list. Once we have a least TWO children registered we will open a class. The next class up from this class is an Turtle 8+ Years.  Please click here for the Turtle Classes.

3rd Term 2020 - Term starts Monday 31 August for Junior Fitness Classes and Saturday 5 September for all other classes and ends 23 October, 2020.
Tuition Fees
The tuition fee is R1100 a term for one half hour class once per week. If you want to attend 2 classes per week the tuition is R2200 a term. We also offer a sibling discount of R50 per extra child. The first child is R1100 per term and each additional child is R1050 per term. If you start after the term has started then we will just charge you the pro-rata rate for the balance of the term. Once you have paid, your class day and time are yours for this term. Due to LOCKDOWN our terms are a bit messed up. For our 3rd and 4th Terms 2020 the fees are R770.00. Again, if you join after the term has started you will be billed a pro rata rate.

Pro-rata Term Fees
If you join part the way through a term then you can take advantage of our pro-rata rates. This will be calculated automatically by our system and will show as a "Discount" on your email confirmation.

Full Classes
If a particular class that you are interested in is full then "Waitlist" will show on the course table. You can add your child to the wait list in the event of any cancellations. Spaces become available in two ways; the first due to cancellations and the second when we open new additional classes. Please use the "Waitlist" option so that we can gauge demand for additional classes.

No spaces are guaranteed until you have registered online, received an email confirming that you have enrolled in a class and paid for the class in full. You can also enroll personally at our facility
PAYMENT TERMS: All fees are due at least 14 days prior to the start of the first class.
IMPORTANT: Non-payment of fees by the due date could result in you losing your space, as many of the popular times have waiting lists.

Bookings for next term
If your child has a time slot this term, they will automatically be given the same slot for the next and subsequent terms. We will send you an email before the term starts and just ask that you please let us know if you don't want the slot.