What types of classes do you offer?
How do I register for classes?
How long is the class term?
Why are the swim classes 30 minutes?
How much do classes cost?
How many classes a week should I sign up for?
How do I know what level to sign my child up for?
What is your policy on refunds/cancellations?
How do we pay for lessons?
  • Cash at the venue.
  • Payment by Bank Transfer
  • Payment by Credit/debit card using Snapscan. Download Snapscan to your Smart Phone from your phone’s app store.

Please note that your child will not be allowed to begin lessons until your account is paid.


Why we don’t offer make up lessons?


What happens if one of our lessons falls on a public holiday?


What will my child need for classes?
What if I have concerns about the way the lessons are going?
  • FIRST: Give us 2 lessons to fall into a routine and getthe group used to working together. During this time we will evaluate each swimmer making sure that they are in the correct placement. Sometimes we will need to move a student. Most times we will be able to accommodate the needs of each swimmer even though they may be in slightly different levels.
  • SECOND: Communicate directly with your swimmer’s instructor. Address them as you would want to be addressed. The Sandwich Theory: Say something positive. Voice the concern. Say something positive.
  • THIRD: If you are not satisfied with the results, speak with the lesson supervisor or use our Contact Page to send us a note. They may be able to offer support that will help your swimmer.


Do I need to change classes if my child moves to the next level?


What if my class only has one or two children enrolled?


How early do I need to arrive for lessons?


How do I change my day or time?


Do I need to book lessons or can I just turn up?


Do you offer trial lessons?


What will my child learn in a session?


When do I pay for lessons?


How do I pay for lessons and/or merchandise?


What if I arrive late for my lesson?


What if I join in the middle of the term?
If I want to pull out of lessons, can you guarantee that my day, time and teacher will still be available when I return?
How do you handle bookings for the next and subsequent terms?