Whether you're a beginner or a swimmer with previous squad swimming experience, our adult programs are graded to cater for all levels and ages.

We offer coaching and training for all types of adult swimming levels; from beginners to advanced - for those who simply just wish to increase their fitness, as well as competitive swimmers training for their next big event.

Experience shows that few people have enough drive to exercise regularly by themselves. Fitness Squad Swimming provides this opportunity where people with similar objectives can meet, talk, swim together, encourage one another and make new friends. Obviously you must be able to swim to participate in our masters classes.

Private lessons are available. Always wanted to learn to swim? Our experience has shown us that the adults are the easiest to teach to swim, so now is your chance to do just that. Our private swim classes are only available in the mornings, Monday to Friday. The cost is R200 for an half an hour lesson. Please email us with your available times in the morning and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

Please select a suitable class below: